Results EIC Pathfinder / FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020 - RIA - cut-off date: 03/06/2020

The number of proposals that was submitted for this call was 902 of which 58 are eligible for  funding, of which two with a Flemish coordinator and eight with a partner:

- Universiteit Antwerpen, coordinator, and IMEC partner in “BAM - Super Bio-Accelerated Mineral weathering: a new climate risk hedging reactor technology”

- IMEC, coordinator “MITICS - Mixed Ionic and electronic Transport In Conjugated polymers for bioelectronicS”

- Universiteit Gent, partner “ChronoPilot - Modulating Human Subjective Time Experience”

- KU Leuven, partner “E-pi - Epistemic AI”

- Rousselot BVBA, partner “ENLIGHT - ENable LIGHT- and synthetic biology-driven volumetric bioprinting of functional human tissues”

- KU Leuven, partner “GAMMA-MRI - gamma-MRI: the future of molecular imaging”

- KU Leuven, partner “HERMES - High Efficiency wiReless CMOS transceiver boosted by artificial intelligencE for 6G bandS and beyond”

- KU Leuven, partner “MIRACLE - Photonic Metaconcrete with Infrared RAdiative Cooling capacity for Large Energy savings”

- KU Leuven, partner “NEWmRNA - Synthetic Biology of mRNA”

An overview of the funded proposals, their consortium partners and allocated budgets

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