Legal and financial issues

The administrative and financial framework with rules for application and project implementation of Horizon 2020 call are set-out in the Grant Agreement; the Annotated Model Grant Agreement explains extensively all details.

The European commission gives on a regular basis trainings with background information on coordinators' days, that can be followed live or through webstreaming. Presentations can be consulted in the documents in below.

Information on specific legal and financial topics are listed and documented in the documents in below.

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H2020 Coordinators' Day - 12.05.2020 - Amendments, Reporting and Payments

Agenda with link to presetnations of the webinar-based infrmmation session


H2020 Coordinators' Day - 21.02.2020 - grant agreement preparation

Agenda, presentations and webstraim available


Prizes in Horizon 2020 – an overview

There are 2 types of prizes awareded by the European Commission: an inducement prize (IPr) also called Challenge Prize and a Recognition Prize (RPr). The IPr are meant to spur investment in a given direction, by specifying a target prior to the performance of the work. The RPr have the objective to raise public awareness about the subject. The document provides an overview and related links.


IP Booster - Applications for service

Intellectual Property Booster (IP Booster) is a new specialised professional IP service for public research organisations looking to realise value from their research results. Our experts will examine your case and guide you towards the best intellectual property strategy, at no cost to you and fully supported by the European Commission. 

General Block Exemption Regulation (State aid) – consultation

On 11 May the  consultation "Targeted review of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER/State aid): extended scope for national funds to be combined with certain Union programmes" was launched.