SC5 - Corona-COVID - Submission deadlines extended - H2020-LC-GV-2018-2019-2020

Reacting to the Covid-19 crisis, the submission deadline for the following topics has been extended to 28 April 2020 17:00:00 Brussels time:

LC-GV-06-2020 (IA)
LC-GV-07-2020 (IA)
LC-GV-08-2020 (IA)
LC-GV-09-2020 (CSA)

Source: Funding and Tender Portal

ERC - Corona-COVID - resignation of ERC president Ferrari

Mauro Ferrari decided to resign from his position as President of ERC.

ERC - Corona-COVID - Submission deadline extended - ERC-2020-PoC


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the deadline for the second cut off of the 

FET - Corona-COVID - Submission deadlines extended - H2020-FETHPC-2018-2020 - H2020-FETFLAG-2018-2020- H2020PROACT-2018-2020 -



Please note that the submission deadline for the above mentioned topic's has been extended from 22 April to 17 June 2020. 


DigitalHealthEurope - 2020 Call for Twinning Scheme

DigitalHealthEurope Launches the 2020 Call for Twinnings Scheme.

They are aiming to scale up digital health and care innovation across European Regions. Therefore, a Call for Twinnings is launched with 400,000 € funding for 28 projects.

Deadline for application: 4 May 2020

Overview page about Corona/Covid-19 and H2020

Providing an overview, in order to help you to deal with the available info in a structured way.

Science with and for Society - Update of proposal template - H2020-SwafS-2018-2020

Please note that the proposal template has been updated; Section 4.3 has been added to Part B of the proposal template. Please complete Section 4.3 of Part Bonly if the call topic and your proposal foresee a financial support to third partiesThe call topics that foresee fina