PREFET open consultation on FET proposals 2019/20 and future EIC Pathfinder calls

The PREFET project is a Coordination and Support Action funded under Horizon 2020 programme Future and Emerging Technologies Open, also known as the EIC Pathfinder pilot. The PREFET project is about evidence-based detection of emerging technology trends with high-impact potential, and funnel them down to successful FET proposals for 2019 and 2020 calls (and the future Pathfinder).

The project has launched an open consultation around key emerging trends. The responses are divided into three categories:

  • Energy, environment, climate change
  • Health and life sciences
  • ICT for connected society

An concise overview of 45 selected technologies in those categories can be found in this table

The consultation runs from May and was recently prolonged until the Trendington event on 13 and 14 November 2019 in Madrid. All FET/EIC Pathfinder experts and stakeholders are encouraged to take part in this consultation. Depending on the received responses, The PREFET project will send invitations to join a group of leading experts to select the top 15 trends in these areas during the Trendington event in November.

PREFET project website

European Commission news article ‘Take part in sketching the future of European research’

News article ‘PREFET Trendington – A European Discussion Around the Hottest Trends in Science and Technology’

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PREFET_Event and project presentation.pdf

PREFET_Event and project presentation