New FAQs due to Corona/Covid-19 virus outbreak- update 08.04.2020

The new FAQs handle about the following issues due to the current COVID-19/Corona outbreak:

  • FAQ 13241: impossibility to fulfill  PI time commitment obligations in ERC grants
  • FAQ 13240: public procurement when difficulties in implementing procurement contracts
  • FAQ 13239: documents to be kept to prove impact of "force majeur" or dealys in submission of deliverables, reports orimplementation of the action
  • FAQ 13238: flexibility for lump sum pilot grants when work packages cannot be completed?
  • FAQ 13237: how to work with signing/countersigning time sheets?
  • FAQ 13236: cost of equipment purchased exclusively for the action and cannot be used?
  • FAQ 13235: flexibility in releation to usual travel cost practices

They are are listed on the ERA Corona platform page of the Commission together with the formerly published FAQs related to the Corona/Covid-19 outbreak.

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