Italian institutions are looking for new project partners

Two Italian research institutions are looking for consortia within the areas of smart green and integrated transport (SC4), Shift2Rail (S2R) and Clean Sky 2 (CS2). Please find below who they are and in which calls for proposals they are interested in. 

The Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism (IMEM-CNR) is looking for consortia for the topic “LC-MG-1-13-2020: Decarbonizing long distance shipping”.

They offer expertise on research of new materials and development of proof-of-principle devices for energy: harvesting from vibrations and heat, integrated photovoltaics. More information and contact details are available here: 

The Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technology for Energy (ICMATE-CNR) is looking for consortia for the topics:

  • LC-GV-06-2020 - Advanced light materials and their production processes for automotive applications
  • S2R-OC-CCA-01-2019: Noise & Vibration
  • JTI-CS2-2019-CfP10-LPA-01-81 Fiber reinforced thermoplastics manufacturing for stiffened, complex, double curved structures
  • JTI-CS2-2019-CFP10-FRC-01-28 Innovative kinematic analysis to incorporate multiple functions within a movable surface 

They offer expertise in the field of industrial and biomedical applications of functional materials, particularly shape memory alloys and composites. They also have at their disposal a complete lab for material synthesis, characterization and optimization, 3D printing in polymer and metallic materials. More information and contact details are available by clicking on this link:

If you are interested in collaborating with one of these institutions, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.