Four JRC Nuclear research infrastructures open for the first time calls for proposals for collaboration

The Joint Research Center (JRC) has opened four calls to access JRC scientific laboratories and facilities in the field of:

Nuclear reactor test infrastructures EMMA (Calls close on 31 January 2020)

  • Testing lab for materials in aqueous environments (AMALIA)
  • Mechanical tests in liquid lead (LILLA)
  • Testing lab at micro-scale to assess complex couplings between microstructures (MCL)
  • Lab to characterise mechanical performance, life assessment and qualification of structural materials (SMPA)

Researchers from European Member States or countries associated to the Euratom Research Programme (Switzerland and Ukraine) will now have the opportunity to use the Joint Research Centre’s state-of-the-art facilities: after a first round of the open access initiative, in which more than 100 eligible proposals were received from 117 research institutions, EMMA laboratories of the Commission’s in-house science and knowledge service are now available to external scientists.

The call is addressed to external users from academia and research organisations, industry (as partner), SMEs, and more in general from the private and public sectors.

For more information on the call and eligibility criteria please click on the respective links of the labs.

More open calls to access JRC scientific laboratories and facilities can be found on this dedicated webpage.