Flash call information - Submitted proposals - NMBP-TR-IND-2018-2020 (call closed on 19 June 2020)


The Commission has now completed the evaluation of the proposals submitted to the abovementioned call.

  • Number of proposals submitted (including proposals transferred from/to other calls): 21
  • Number of inadmissible proposals: 0
  • Number of ineligible proposals: 5
  • Number of above-threshold proposals: 3
  • Total budget requested for above-threshold proposals: 14 MEUR

We recently informed the applicants about the evaluation results for their proposals.

Information on the selected projects will be published on CORDIS1 after that date.

Please note that the number of proposals that can finally be funded will depend on the finally available budget and the formal selection by the Commission. 

Source: Funding and Tender Portal