ERC- Results Proof of Concept 2019 call 3th cut-off

The results of the 2019 Proof of Concept call (3th cut-off 19 September 2019) were published. In total 76 ERC grant holders received a Proof of Concept grant including three researchers based at Flemish host institutions:

  • Sarah Verhulst, Universiteit Gent, “CochSyn – A diagnostic test for cochlear synaptopathy in humans”.
  • Diether Lambrecht, Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie, “INITIATOR – Circulating Tumor DNA as an Epigenetic Biomarker for Tumor Response”.
  • Tom Francart, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, “OSIRIS – Automatic measurement of speech understanding using EEG”.

ERC press release