Report Science with and for society in Horizon 2020 - achievements and recommendations for Horizon Europe

This document reports on the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society (SwafS) project portfolio results. The objective of this report is to convey the achievements of the SwafS part of Horizon 2020, stemming from funded projects and key activities. Its purpose is to serve as input for the preparation of the Horizon Europe programme implementation. The report covers all thematic areas of Swafs: research ethics and research integrity, science education, science careers, gender equality, institutional changes towards responsible research and innovation, citizen science and citizen engagement, open access and science communication.

Swafs - Number of submitted proposals in response to the 2019 calls

A total of 308 proposals were submitted in response to the 2019 topics for H2020-SwafS-2018-2020. The number of proposals for each topic is as follows:

Update 12 July 2019: the number of above threshold proposals is made publicly available

Graphene Flagship

Women in Graphene Career Development Day