Launch of 11 calls to access JRC nuclear research infrastructures

The Joint Research Center (JRC) has opened 11 calls to access JRC nuclear research infrastructures:

Laboratory of the Environmental & Mechanical Materials Assessment (EMMA)

[Calls close 15/10/2020]

AMALIA, assessment of nuclear power plants core internals

LILLA, Liquid Lead Laboratory

SMPA, Structural Materials Performance Assessment Laboratories

MCL, Micro-Characterisation Laboratory


European research infrastructure for nuclear reaction, radioactivity, radiation and technology studies in science and applications (EUFRAT)

[Calls close 15/10/2020]

RADMET, Radionuclide Metrology laboratories

GELINA, the JRC Neutron Time-of-Flight Facility

HADES, Underground laboratory for ultra-low level gamma-ray spectrometry]

MONNET, Tandem accelerator based fast neutron source


Actinide User Laboratory (ActUsLab)

[Calls close 30/09/2020]

HC-KA, Hot Cell Laboratory

FMR, Fuels and Materials Research

PAMEC, Properties of Actinide Materials under Extreme Conditions


The calls are addressed to external users from academia and research organisations, industry, SMEs, and more in general from the private and public sectors.

More  information can be found here: