NCP Flanders services

The National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 informs about the Horizon 2020 Programme. The  Commission  considers  NCPs to  be important  partners  in  the implementation of Horizon 2020, and the main structure  for providing practical information and assistance to potential participants.

The core functions of an NCP are:

  • informing, awareness rising
  • assisting, advising and training
  • signposting and cooperation

NCP Flanders gives advice to all stakeholders located in Flanders (enterprises, institutes, non-profit-organisations, universities, university colleges,...). The NCP advisors are located in the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) or Flanders Innovation and Entrepeneurship.

Since in Belgium NCP services are regionalised, there are 4 other NCP organisations responible for other stakeholder groups:

- NCP Brussels for enterprises and internationtal orginisations located in Brussels

- NCP FNRS for universities of the French speaking community

- NCP BELSPO, Eurofed, for the federal institutes

- NCP Wallonie for the enterprises of the Walloon region.

All European NCP advisors are listed here.